Glycol Chiller Systems

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Whaley Products designs and builds Glycol Chillers for many applications from “High Temp” 35-70F process cooling of machines, closed loop cooling of water cooled condensers where cooling tower water is not available and many other applications. “Medium Temp” -10F-35F applications for Wineries, “Minipub Breweries”, “Gas Processing”, De-humidification Marichino Cherry processing and many other food and beverage processes using FDA approved Dowfrost. The complete line of Whaley Chillers from NA/CA portable and stationary air cooled, NAE modular air cooled, CW/NW portable and stationary and NWC central water cooled chillers can be set up for high and medium temp operations to fit your specific applications. WPI supplies layout drawings, wiring diagrams and interconnections drawings with installation manuals. For years, we have been taking projects from conception, design, manufacture, installation, and start-up.