Glycol / Water Heat Transfer Systems


Whaley Product’s refrigeration glycol/water cooling systems eliminate expensive cooling tower water treatment/filtration and other issues associated with an open evaporative cooling system. WPI’s system allows supply water to be set at 34F chilled or maintain 220F to cover a wide range of applications. with precision control using Bray 3-way temperature control valves.

If your process requires closed loop or once-through “potable or process water” supply of +/-1F deg 34F-220F with minimal filtration, don’t worry anymore, we have a simple solution for you! Glycol to water heat transfer systems allows you to cool your process with distilled or tap water and reject unwanted heat outside through the air cooled condenser. Our application engineering group will design a “once through” or closed loop recirculation water cooling system to fit your specific application.

Applications for glycol/water systems:

~Concrete water batch cooling
~Potable water batch and continuous chill water for bakery processes
~Vaccuum furnaces distilled water cooling. DI water chilling
~Extrusion water bath cooling
~Lasers CNC Lathes
~Injection Molding Equipment
~Printing Equipment Lithographic Equipment
~Sputtering Systems
~Diffusion Pumps
~EDM MRI Systems
~Welding Equipment
~Die Casting Equipment
~Vacuum Systems
~Electron Microscopes
~Turbo Molecular Pumps